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Direct Equities

We can provide you with advice on the suitability of your direct share portfolio and assist in the reconstruction of a portfolio so as to bring it in to line with your 'risk profile', ensure it is appropriately diversified and achieve the level of performance you are after.

Managed Funds

A range of different 'managed funds' can be sourced and analysed so as to provide you with exposure to unique and specialist areas of investment, such as international shares, small companies, geared share funds, hybrid fixed interest securities and either country (such as China) or sector (such as resources or technology) specific investments.

Structured Financial Products

Exclusive opportunities in the field of structured financial products are available to clients of IPS Financial Services. We continually research and assess a wide range of capital protected and capital guaranteed products, which combined with various finance options, can have the potential to greatly accelerate the growth of your accumulated wealth (or help you access it if you don't have immediate access to substantial cash holdings).


At IPS we can work with you to explore your future goals and aspirations and present you with a range of options, complete with all risk and benefits of each, to help you make an informed and considered decision as to what is right for you.

Devising specific investment strategies for the Trustees of Self Managed Superannuation Funds and private individuals

In consultation with your superannuation specialist, we can devise and construct a sophisticated and personalised investment solution for your self managed superannuation fund, or your personal monies, so as to bring your investment portfolio together with your goals and objectives and provide a real and meaningful strategic solution to your investment needs.

Comprehensive, tailored financial solutions, for your longer term wealth creation needs

Are you unsure as to how much is 'enough' to retire on? Maybe you are confused as to what your options really are and where you want to be - now, in five years time and beyond.

Service Packages

It is important that your investment portfolio is reviewed on a regular basis to confirm that it continues to meet your investment objectives. It should be updated in response to changes in your circumstances and other factors, such as superannuation regulations, taxation and market conditions. In order to assist you with the review process, we provide the following innovative packages. With the help and support of our team, these packages will assist you in confidently working towards your financial goals. Our team includes; administration, research, technical, compliance and investment specialists to ensure quality advice and service delivery.

Below is a brief overview of our four service offerings:

The Basic Review Service

..provides a framework for us to deliver a basic service to you. This level suits investors who may be happy to set and forget their investments and only require an annual review.

Our Essential Review Service

..delivers a slightly higher level of contact with our team. A quicker response time to your enquiries and a slightly higher number of adviser meetings are offered.

Our Must Have Review Service designed for the investor with significant assets under advice. This investor wants regular adviser contact and timely response to enquiries. An investor interested in investment opportunities in the shape of new funds or emerging opportunities is also suited to this service level.

Our Ultimate Review Service suited to the investor with significant assets under advice and a thirst for further opportunities to diversify their portfolio. The superior qualities of this service level are the enhanced response times to enquiries and access to senior advisers almost exclusively - this suits clients who like to challenge their advisers to deliver results and who like to be ahead of the pack.

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